Industrial style in USA

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Materials. This is one of the important part of design. On first place is nanural materials like wood, metal, brick cladding, glass and concret.

Everything should be simple and functional. Quality, convenience - the core of style.


A littel history of style.

In a fast-growing country, there is no time for artificial decoration that we can see in the Baroque or Rococo style. Standardization and quick installation are key to success. And it had a big impact on architecture, interior, furniture and decoration.

What do we have in our days?

Stright lines

Open communications as pipes, ventilations, metal frames

Furniture and details

Industrial style transformation. Everything changes, and new technologies, programs, materials give a new look.

This residence is not entirely industrial style, but many details are taken from there. And a good example of the talented work of an architect and designer who takes the best from other masters and does something completely new.


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